Art Wars

Mission Statement


Art Wars are live events where artists create in a competitive environment, presenting the creative process as a form of entertainment. The artists gain exposure, earn income and connect with admirers.

Founded in 2011 by Zeke Zelker and Steven Leibensperger, Art Wars has become an extremely popular event and something that the arts community looks forward to year after year. Winning artists, have made enough money to put a down payment on a house, open their own studios and galleries, and have quit their “day jobs” becoming full time artists. The vision was to create synergy amongst artists and help them realize their full potential.


Art Wars are live events, held in different cities throughout the United State. Our goal is to provide an entertainment experience by getting the artist out of the studio and sharing their creative workflow with an audience. At each battle, the artists have two hours to create their piece of work based on a theme provided. The artwork is then voted on by a combination of the audience and jury.

Art Wars is a round robin type of tournament where four artists compete. Two artists from each battle move on to the next round. Sixteen artists are narrowed down to eight, to four, and eventually to one winner.


First Round Events: The artists bring their supplies/materials and Art Wars supplies the substrate that the artists create on.

Second Round Events: Art Wars supplies an ammo box full of materials that the artists uses with a substrate for them to create on.

Finale: The artists are given a $125 stipend to purchase the materials they want to create with/on.

The winning artists at each event are selected by the audience (75%) and a special jury (25%). At each battle a different personality MC’s the event, and some sort of musical entertainment is provided. At each event the artists get 12.5% of tickets sales (people pay $5 to vote), half of the money raised foes into a pot for the overall winner. Art Wars sells the art work (silent auction style) at each battle. The artist gets 75% from the sale, the remaining 25% goes towards the band that plays the event.