Art Wars is a series of live events where artists create in a fun, competitive environment, presenting the creative process as a form of entertainment. The artists gain exposure, earn income and connect with admirers.

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Art Wars are live, public events, held in different cities throughout the United States. The goal is to provide an entertainment experience by getting the artist out of the studio and sharing their creative workflow with an audience. 

Sixteen “Art Warriors” are chosen by public voting at an open-call “Throw Down”. Art Wars is a round robin type of tournament where 4 to 8 artists compete at each battle. Two to four artists with the most votes from each round move on to the next. The 16 artists are narrowed down to eight, to four, and eventually to one winner. 

 At each battle the artists have two hours to create their piece of work based on a theme provided just before the countdown begins. The artwork is then voted on by the audience and a secret jury. A voting ticket is $5, and half of the ticket sales at each battle round are split between the four artists competing, the remainder funds the grand prize of at least $1000 + $500 Blick Art Materials gift card.

Event Breakdown

Throw Down: An open call to anyone 18 years and older. Artists must bring their own art supplies, a 4’x4′ drop cloth and a substrate to create on. A total of 16 artists move on to the 1st Round Battles (8 from each Throw Down event).

*First Round Battle: Artists bring their own supplies/materials, while Art Wars supplies the substrate that the artists create on.

*Second Round Battle: Art Wars supplies an ammo box full of materials  and a substrate for the artist to create on.

*Finale: The final four artists are given a $125 stipend to purchase the materials they want to create with/on.

*Artwork will be auctioned off immediately after the event, with 75% of the sale going to the artists and 25% to the grand prize purse.


Check out Art Wars on Facebook for info on events, battle results, giveaways and more!


Where are events held?

Every round the venue is different! The Throw Down is held at a large open venue, and the proceeding 3 rounds are held at various bars and restaurants in the area. If there is a spot in your city that you think would be great for an Art Wars Battle we’d love to hear about it! Shoot us an email at with more details!

How long does Art Wars run in a city?

From Throw down to Finale, on average Art Wars runs for 8-10 weeks. Exact dates and times vary per location.

What substrates can artists bring to create with at the Throw down?

As long as the substrates will not put anyone in harms way (flammables, toxic materials, etc.) or has the potential to damage property (flammables, toxic materials, spray paint, etc.), Art Wars allows any substrate with which the artist feels they can create their piece in two (2) hours with & stay in their space. Art Wars mediators have the authority to ask any artist to not use a substrate if they believe it will harm others or the integrity of the venue. If you’re unsure if your medium is allowed, feel free to message us on Facebook, or shoot us an email and we’ll let you know!

Can an admirer at an event purchase more than one (1) voting ticket?

Although we’d love to give the artists more money, we have to be fair to all competitors! That means each guest is only allowed to purchase one voting ticket per event. 

How will I know if Art Wars will be happening in a city by me?

At the moment Art Wars will only be touring on the East Coast. Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Washington  D.C. and Providence are a few cities Art Wars may be at in the near future! If there’s a city you think Art Wars should take place in let us know at!