We help filmmakers distribute their films using our four-phase creative process.



Ignite creation from within, and having the tools necessary to be successful.



Offer your audience insight into your creation by sharing news and serialized content.



Illuminate and entertain audiences with your main event in communities around the world.



Inspire audiences through gameplay & rewards to become more active within your creation.

Filmmakers Deserve Better

iDreamMachine has been successfully self-distributing and marketing films for over 20 years. We understand, first-hand, the trials and tribulations filmmakers face in getting their films seen. This is why we’re positioning our company to empower fellow filmmakers to find an audience for their films.

We’re not aggregators. We care more about your success than just putting your film out there and getting a percentage. We’re distributors. We work with filmmakers in a very transparent, matter of fact way, promoting and placing your film in the marketplace across a myriad of outlets. We treat each film as its own business, building multiple revenue streams and ideating creative ways to market it. 

We’re selective with the films we work with. They must be well crafted, telling a story that provokes thought, stirs emotion or inspires ideas. 

If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out. A member of our dedicated team will be in touch with you promptly.

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