From the spark of an idea, through the execution of production, and into the distribution to the masses, we take a project from start to finish using our four-phase creative process.

See how we implemented these phases into the creation of our latest cine•experience, Billboard.


Ignite creation from within, and having the tools necessary to be successful.

We ignited our Billboard project by creating, a virtual radio station where over 900 independent bands and artists have uploaded their music. WTYT 960’s website and social media pages allow the story world to overlap into the real world. Bands and artists gain exposure online, in the film and at live events hosted by WTYT 960. Follow the WTYT 960 Instagram page for updates on upcoming events and new music playing on the site!

To further engage people in the story world, anyone can become a potential billboard “contestant” by posting a video of themselves on explaining why they would be a good billboard sitting contestant. This is the same process the contestants in the movie have to go through! These uploaded videos are voted on by the public for the chance to be used in the movie. 

  • IMG_2371
  • WTYT Table
  • DeadStop w WTYT Cube

See how you could be a part of Billboard  below!


Offer your audience insight into your creation by sharing news and serialized content.

We’re offering insight into the story-world of Billboard by creating serialized content.The Billboard Sitters is a 25 episode web series about life on the billboard for the four contestants.  While the film tells the story from the perspective of the radio station, the web series tells the story from the perspective of the billboard sitters. The episodes compliment the timeline of the film and can be watched sporadically throughout the movie, or all in one shot.

Watch the trailer for The Billboard Sitters below!


Illuminate and entertain audiences with your main event in communities around the world.

In April 2019 we will be illuminating audiences with Billboard, a feature film about Casey Lindeweiler (John Robinson) a successful cartoonist from Santa Monica who leaves his career behind when he inherits the only remaining independent radio station in Allentown, PA from his father.

Upon Casey’s arrival, he discovers that the station is in financial ruin and that his father’s legendary “radio man” persona was a facade covering mounds of debt. WTYT 960 is in shambles only being kept alive by a handful of dedicated DJ’s (Heather Matarazzo, Leo Fitzpatrick). Casey has no idea how to run a business, let alone a radio station. To right the sinking ship, he follows in his father’s footsteps, creating a whacky event in an attempt to boost ratings. He decides to host a billboard sitting contest where four people will live on a catwalk in front of a billboard, much to chagrin of his competition (Eric Roberts) who continuously attempts to thwart his efforts. The success of Casey’s entrepreneurial venture hinges upon the media’s perception and interpretation of the contest. Tune in to find out how he does.


Inspire audiences through game play and rewards to become more active within your creation.

Leading up to the release of the film we will be inspiring people to view all of the content that we’ve created. By releasing a mobile app/game where the audience can find clues within the web series and film, users will embark on a scavenger hunt to win real world prizes and learn about interactive events happening in their area. This is our way of engaging our audience further and rewarding them for being a part of the Billboard project.